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Ice Cream & Sandwich Shoppe
Great Burgers

1/4 # grilled burger topped with American cheese, bacon, tomato, lettuce, onions, pickles and our 'special sauce' on a buttered toasted bun.

‘Chicago Style’ Dog

'Vienna' brand all - beef dog served on a steamed poppy seed bun — dressed with yellow mustard, dill pickle spear, tomato wedges, green relish, chopped onions, sport peppers & sprinkled with celery salt .

Unique Sandwiches

1/4# of Italian beef served on a 6” roll. Au Jus served on the side for dipping.

Ice Cream and Sandwich Shoppe

Vanilla ice cream topped with brownie pieces, chocolate syrup, sprinkles, whipped cream & cherries.

Soft Serve Ice Cream

Vanilla ice cream topped with peanut butter cups, chocolate syrup, sprinkles, whip cream.

Sandwich creations

3 mounds of vanilla ice cream between a banana topped with chocolate syrup, strawberries, pineapple, whipped cream & a cherries.

Northern WI Restaurant

Vanilla ice cream, hot caramel, hot fudge, topped off with whipped cream, pecans and a cherry.

Ice Cream Shop

5 sticks of mozzerella cheese deep fried

Unique Sandwiches

1/4# battered and deep fried slices of onions

Dine In

and enjoy your food in a park-like setting under the trees or inside a gazebo tent.

Park-like setting dining

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and quickly use our drive through pick up window or simply pick up at the counter.

Sandwich Shop
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